Here are answers of all questions about details of torunament

1. When is deadline for applying to the participation of tournament?

The team will be notified by the end of June, until 30.06.2018.

2. What is the system of the competition?

The teams are divided into groups. The first two teams will take their place in the semifinals, while the other teams will play for the tournament.

3. Does the team outside of Belgrade have to organize accommodation across the tournament organizer?

Every team that plans to spend the night in Belgrade during the tournament, must organize accommodation through the organizer of the tournament.

4. How to apply a team for participation of the tournament?

Team registration is on
Registration team

5. Will be pictures of matches and where can we find them?

Of course it will be. All matches will be photographed and you can find them on
Photo and video

6. Will be a live stream of matches?

It will be live stream of all matches of tournament and you can watch them on youtube.

7. Where we can buy products of tournament?

You can buy them in UVC Sumice hall.